Land of Youth

Written by: Nick Yuknalis

As another night dies, I ask how did you sleep Momma?
When nightmares plague your vision, did you sleep ok Momma?

Cold winds howling like a child's fairy tale
Are we little pigs waiting for the wolf in our sleep Momma?

When only the screams, "Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum" thunders with the storm
Where do you run when it wakes your sleep Momma?

When the beanstalk never gets shorter,
When you're so tired you just want to sleep Momma

What do you do when your roses fall to ashes,
Will your heart still sing you lullabyes to sleep Momma?

When Jill never comes down the hill
And the itsy bitsy spider eats Jack, will you sleep OK Momma?

Are we wondering blind like Hansel and Gretel,
Looking for digested breadcrumbs in our sleep Momma?

Who fights your nightmares and rights your fairy tales?
Can we help you sleep Momma