A Long Time Ago

Written by: Michael Rice

I threw my legs over a rusty barbed wire fence 
into a warm summer day a long time ago
landing  smack dab in the middle
of my now ancient childhood

A lonely bob white sitting on the fence
whistling his heart out, I can only guess
his seranade was a lonely plea
here I am, please, come to me.

Standing knee deep in prarie grass
grasshoppers leaping from blade to blade
the smell of the hot earth
rising into my face, oh I miss that place

A corn snake slivers back under the fence
escaping into the corn field
over the hard clumps of ground
of the tired, plowed soil.

The smell of rain in the distant sky
is only passing by
a welcome sight to behold
but not meant for here, not today

A lonley cow bell tells me now
old bossie will soon be here
as she makes her daily trek
through the pasture into the pond

Indian paintbrushes, blue bonnets too
puffy white clouds in a sky so blue
all come together and bring back to me
a warm summer day, a long time ago.