The Lion of You and the Bird of Space

Written by: Nikola Žilic

Trillions of planets in our Galaxy float in despair.
All consciousness aware of the meaninglessness,
Life bears. 
Are there two interwoven so deep that Bosons in heaps,
Couldn’t be as disconnected from dreams of reality,
Like it seems that my feelings, my needs, are from you.
The vacuum of all, the space between endless names,
Everything drifts apart, matter and space and specially faiths. 
What makes waves be matter, matter be waves, what makes,
Your letters bring hate, your words I can’t rate, and soon too late,
My brain will decay, before the one day I grasp meaning of all.
So much emptiness, dear Lord where is the state of mind,
That binds my deeds to love and above the peace I can’t find,
So much emptiness charged with raw need, I don’t want to be,
I don’t want to be.
Not due mystery, endless dimensions of space and hysteria embraces,
Horizontal eights the mind feels no grace, the mind feels no grace.
The billions, the trillions, the colours, the darkness, the pull of gravity,
But why are we so easily destroyed by the interconnections of affection?
Dear existence, the affection! The craving, and a thousand truths more 
A thousand suns to adore, and yet I’m a whore for your touch!
Singularity take clutch on our biology, make steel feel and all emotions be killed.
For I don’t want to be, I don’t want to be. 
Dear all, knowledge make amends, take my hands and force some sense in to heads, 
Please let it be quiet, let there be peace of mind and soul, not blind for passion, 
The digression, the  depression, the emptiness of human connection, 
Make haste, make haste, life’s become waste for life’s like the taste of falling very deep.
A cradle, a cradle, floating in darkness, all senses to handle the meaning of real.
And one day in dispersion the illusion of freedom shall bring a conclusion and pain will be gone,
Words caress the intrusion of every solution which shines on all pain with the power of suns.
Far away, far away, all reality becomes clay, and why would you stay if you can truly see the dawn,
The onslaught of meaning that gives you the feeling that emotions hunt freely but you can’t really run.