What Time Is It

Written by: Franklin Goode

What Time Is It?

Is it a.m.?  It is p.m.?  Sunrise?  Sun Set? Coffee time?  Tea time? Maybe it’s  time to unwind?

Animal know the time, nature know time. Maybe its mankind that has a problem with time.

Why do they say 24X7?  What’s wrong with 32X11? Would that get us closer to heaven?

A time for Church, a time for the offering, a time for preaching. Time to go to sleep, time to count sheep. Time to behave and not be a slave.

Time for work, time for pain and hurt. Time for happiness, gladness and sadness. 
Um! Even a time for timeout.  

Me and you, what are we going to do?

A time to  love and a time to thank him above.  Jimmy! Yes mom, ready for a treat, take a seat. Time to eat.
Dr. “G”