Rivers of Change

Written by: Ajit Gupta

clinging on to the surface of the boat
half shattered and left to decay,
gasping for breath, gasping for air
clinching to the plank, scared where 
my hand would let go of it,
erstwhile memories coming past my mind, 
like a waterfall of overflowing thoughts,
empty i felt my mind was,
too confused to see the near future.
just an inner gut feeling 
saying from within,
hold on to the plank don't let go.

too soon the time had passed,
when the sunnier days i enjoyed,
the journeys seemed so pleasant and peaceful
the waves also accompanying my delight.
yonder my dreams seemed so close and nice,
dreams worth dreaming for,
whence did it all change?
change i did not see in me,
but change i saw all around me,
change which was necessary
i think? but who can be a judge about change
but change itself!

friends going apart- you can see,
you can foresee the inevitability of separation
separation not of the hearts, but due to
the separation brought about by the making of the heart itself.

change i made as the captain of my ship,
sat happily admiring the waves i loved.
my captain i was proud about ,
because he was my chosen appointee to steer my ship.
i never minded his domination and my
oh captain my captain,
my captain steering my life!

gasping my breath, further away i see land,
was very happy, i knew i would live.
oh captain my captain
thank you for throwing that plank
towards me at the nick of time.
land, oh wonderful land!!