Christmas On Codeine

Written by: Samantha McDougal

I figured they were kings.
After all what's a king to do
At a party where the guests had 
Bad breath and rain splattered invitations.
By the way,
They looked like giants by the mantel.
Swirling a wine glass never
Held a tune quite like this.
I watched a drunk old man 
Attempt to swivel his way
Into a date rape drug based teenager.
God bless the man who held his tongue.
God damn that woman by the host
With her cat hair covered Christmas massacre.
She was sweet enough in nature.
I moved back against a table edge 
And became a wallflower
With too much lipstick for her skin tone.
After drenching myself with 
A shaky glass of gin
I could spot one of the kings devouring a peach
And I could see why the ladies loved him,
Seduced him,
Disowned him,
And whatever else they did.
So I sat and watched.
I became a queen amidst
A cornucopia of pluots and plums.
I was a gift to the race of men
And a goddess compared to narcotics.
Pleasing was just another hobby of mine.
It goes great with a red dress and whiskey.