Written by: Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT

A deceptive kiss of bliss led to my nemesis, 
my wanweird, falling in to your devilish abyss,
Algae covers a stony heart in a ocean of tears
for you, I don't know why, but why was I dumb
enough to care to bare to heed the the devils 
snare ,to let your whisssssper your snake deception
in my ear, I swear don't ever call me again asking
me to be your friend insidiously making propitiatory
gestures for us to be lovers again, stop trying to lure
me in to the lions den because back then I was your
lover, friend and including a man for you, I would have
redundantly parted stubborn sand for you and if you
desired four hundred and thirty six grains to be in your
hand made hour glass I would have counted&counted
grains of sand ,for you but now I count grains of pain 
riding a saddened moon the loom of nebulous insanity,
I was blindly loyal to you, a person I seen to be royal 
so for you I toiled in your hells kitchen of brimstone, till
I boiled and became like a prune shriveled and soiled
in nothingness,your so nonchalant an peccant I shall 
never again be your lover or friend......