i am alive

Written by: The Situation

love can lie to the naked eye
we deceive ourselves
and know not why
the things we hear 
should kill a love
make us call ourselves liars
is what love does

the truth can be so inconvenient
forcing a heart to be lenient
when rage and anger should over flow
but that  would upset
the peace that we know

this fear we have of losing beauty
this uncontrollable urge
to force the unity
when all the tools of love
have been exhausted
and the only thing left
is to admit, you lost it.

when it's all done and through
and when the self regains
it's respect for you
when all the embarrassment
and self loathing has left
your are stronger in that respect
there is strength to be found
in being a reject

learning a lesson others
have yet to learn
having been through the fire
i may never again burn
having a message 
of how to survive
how i fought my greatest enemy
myself. and yet i am still alive.