Written by: JustcallMe Britt

First a twinkle in her daddy’s eye
By the rhythm of her hips 
Momma’s hips
Gripping, tugging, releasing him
Encouraging the venom 
Pulsating, quaking: 
The laxative 
Voyaging through the passages

Welcome to the world
A brand new baby girl!
Simple mind under the curls
Just sucks on her bo-bo   
She speaks her first words 
And then before you know
She’s preparing for her classes
The sequel to her passage

Graduation day 
For this bright young female
A glory to her story 
Tears of joy from received hail
Onto the next chapter 
Because it’s feat that she’s after
Enlisted to manage ravage
The Atlantic is her passage

Presented to the tasks
Of a female soldier
Doesn’t think 
Solely follow’s her superior’s orders
Was assigned to convoy duty
When she and her platoon were blasted
A tragedy 
A disaster
A catalyst in her final passage

I'd love to hear Common recite this rap