Yellow School Bus

Written by: kathryn collins

Yellow School Bus

Mommy I need just
a little more snooze.
“I’ll not have it” says she.
“There’s no time lose.”

She says “get movin.”
Maan, what’s all the fuss?
“If you sleep any longer
you’ll miss the bus.”

That bus that bus
that big bouncy bus
whoever invented it
to transport us?

A mom I bet
who had no car
and seven children 
who walked so far.

If we had a bus
no matter the weather
with a driver up front
kids could all ride together.

Mother found an old coach
and painted it yellow
then hired a young man,
a friendly fellow.

the first day they took it
she heard one girl say
“will the bus bring me home
at the end of the day?”

“Of course it will”
said she with a smile
then she went back to bed
for a little while.

Kathryn McLoughlin Collins
June 4, 2012

I wrote this for my grandchildren.