Written by: Vee Bdosa

     MONSIEUR L'VAMPYRE From My Crystal Ball
I have a message from the other side
where life has gone to find a place to hide
away from times of growing old
away from pain of seeking gold
and far away from all the lies we've lied.

It came to me from out of glass all clear
when I had let my mind to disappear
and be a transient in time
without a reason or a rhyme,
and just a bubble in my crystal sphere;

I know not who this message may be for
but only write the words some might abhor
then type them to a plastic case
and cast them in to cyberspace!
for you to know, if you should read some more;

encrypted to the dreams of yesterday
and stolen from the night along the way
the message isn't very clear
unless you see the logic here
unless you know--the things it doesn't say.

it's only words that number five and three
and now I set their fate to what you see
so make of them as you would choose
to ponder on, or win or lose,
but I bear not responsibility!
        FISH           MAJORCA
        RED            TWENTY-EIGHT
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa