The Stairs


Exhausted so, my spirit needed rest,
My heart sluggish within my chest.
A movie unfolds, a dream in my mind,
A gold staircase to the heavens unwind.

I feel myself rise to ascend the stair,
My body weightless as air.
Glancing back, I see,
The peaceful, sprawled form of me.

I look down, to my translucent hands,
Confused, dying now was not in my plans.
A drive to climb to heaven's door,
Was just too strong to ignore.

Looking out to the vastness, I begin,
The clouds show my life burden with sin.
Shamed with guilt, I reach heaven's gate,
My soul heavy with transgressions so great.

Will I be welcome or turned away?
Will I get wings and asked to stay?
An angel greets me as I fret,
He soulfully replies, "It isn't your time yet.

You still have time to change your ways,
To end your misery and the role it plays.
Go back; learn from your sins,
Change, before Satan wins."

As he said these incredible things,
He pointed down with glowing wings.
A portal opened to hell's burning floor,
Scorching my face at the hot out-pour.

It slowly creaked, eery moans of despair,
Screams of condemned residence there.
Even with the heat, I felt cold,
Shivering as the implications unfold.

Spinning to ask what my fate will be,
He faded as he gazed back at me.
With a burst of divine light, I returned,
Vowing I'll amend from what I learned.