Requiescat Dum Resurgat

Written by: denis bruce

The province of delayed gratification
Poetry is dead.

There is now no appetite for deep reflection
In this far from limpid pool.
Abhorrent is meditation
To  the present lords of all misrule.
Carpe diem once was for the nonce
Its writ now runs for aye.

Omnivorous science depredates
The very bones of our being.
Gradgrindery completely disintegrates
The very heart of our seeing.
Dawkins' dogma aims to destroy the spirit
And we are not the better for it.

Thus shrivels the soul and all that resides there,
Are we but creatures of accident,totally threadbare?
Until economic Armageddon strips us of cultural shame
Our choice is but to shroud the flame.

Depredation must needs be followed by reparation.
And then that rara avis,the phoenix anew
Will rise from the ashes,bright feathers in view.

We will illumine our world once more
When the bright flame of poetry  once again soars.