Written by: Seren Roberts

I awake from deep slumber
Need something to eat
Stick my nose out of the burrow
Whats that, that i see

Its March for goodness  sake
Should be a warm sun
Not this white stuff
Where the heck has this come

Feet follows nose
Geez this stuff is so cold
Its all wet too
Dont think im this bold

Asked a passing mouse
Whats ths stuff called
Its " snow"  he called back
It has  just falled

I wrinkle my nose
Something sure isnt right
It was sunny yesterday
And was raining last night

Shouldnt have snow
Thats a winter thing
But its spring now
Time for birds to sing

Then it dawned on me
Its that new geezer
Who lives in the house
He's defrosting his freezer

So it isnt snow
This won last
I can jump over it
ANd find some nice grass

So the moral of this prose
Is dont take things at first glance
Look further than your nose
Give everything a chance.