Grant us the conviction

Written by: Leonard Taormina

Looking down the barrel of a weapon of destruction;
I have been bitten by the venomous deceptions of a reptile;
And once again I have concern for my ability to recover.
And beauty my friends is truly only skin deep
           And with those eyes much like those of an angel;
           She dwells far beneath the many layers of deception.
           And from her mouth untruths hurl as if it were undeniable and I shudder;
           At the twisted propensities of my own self as a man
Love being displayed as proof positive flows smoothly as if rolling down hill;
And all appears as tranquility of a well-oiled tool of entombment.
But death one must assume only comes after;
All ability of defense has long ago fallen to the evils of torment
          So I’ve told myself don’t get caught trying to please that which seeks it not
          I’ll never win nor can there ever be harmony or acknowledged self-worth
          But this time-escape has illuminated a portal of escape and I make my plans
          So I dust off my sandals and accept happily that she’s not my style anymore.