Tilly My friend

Written by: Seren Roberts

Who is that looking at me
Waiting for me to say
"Good Morning Tilly "
So that she can reply

By snuggling up against me
Paws around my neck
Plants a lick upon my face
Sighs, and goes to sleep.

There she would stay if i let her
Til when you need to move
You try moving 35 kilos
Not an easy thing to shove.

She sighs and stretches slowly
Its all a game to her
Cos she is an older dog
Who wants to sleep forever

So you say the magic word "Biscuits"
Straight away she will move
To look for her breakfast dish
Wide awake for food

She doesnt ask much from me
Loves everyonr in sight
I wonder who didnt want her
Sent for re-homing was her plight

Never again will this happen
She has a home til the end.
Where she can play or sleep around
Cos Tilly is now "My Friend"