Dream forever and keep loves solemn vow

Written by: Kevin Clark

Faded memories hang on the wall
What are the dates and years I don’t recall
Time has passed it seems like a moment ago
Forgotten dreams is all I have to show
Step forward and look closely to see
The shadow of an image I use to be
What is now gone is never to return
The sting of regret will always burn
If I could go back what would I do differently
Change the future but if I did would it change me
My direction of living would be different with my watches face
But would my heart stay in the same place
So I stare at the photographs and the clock on the wall
I realize I have lived and I did not fail or fall 
I was strong through the hard times an aged well
What will my destiny hold, only time will tell
Forget the past just live in the now
Dream forever and keep loves solemn vow