The Miracle

Written by: Charles Henderson

as I wait my turn the noisy crowd seems hungry I close my eyes, poised I think of my wife and hope for a miracle I hold the short straw a young man enters you will fight the best, I see you have the short straw stay away from him and watch for my sign he said a gate will open ***** the crowd cheers as the champion enters I quietly wait anticipation leads to false expectation my father had said I let my foe wait and then stepped out, circling him the giant was quick his knife cut my side as I moved in testing him I dropped to one knee ***** he stood with a grin waiting for the live or die he saw thumbs turn down he raised his sword high the sky suddenly went black and the wind was fierce blindly to the wall my young visitor stood there in an open door my faith reaffirmed a believer I became and so mote it be *****