Age and Experience

Written by: Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Catharsis By Carolyn Devonshire heart wisdom comes with age experience so many emotions and events stored flushed quickly from memory to my page release, let go catharsis gives me peace
Age and Experience Carolyn's poem Catharsis had special meaning to me because we grew to be friends. Two souls sharing emotions freely has broadened my eternal perspective. Encouragements Carolyn has given helped me believe in myself. I am very grateful for her step-by-step guidance to publishing. Self-respect reflected upon an inefficient past until her. Looking deeper into myself and caring, we realized a unique closeness. Friendship is a two way street, where love meets in the middle. Carolyn has been a loved and special friend of mine for several years. I hope to have been of value to her in my own way as she has also been - Wisdom gained through sharing experiences...and peace.