My Favorite Devonshire

Written by: Black Eyed Susan

Aging with Flare
by Carolyn Devonshire

Retirement for some means a rocking chair
But I’m blasting forth on a contrail’s flare
      My 40-year career
     Swirls behind in Earth’s sphere
And I’m ready to take on any dare

Francine invited me to bungee jump
I’ll skydive with Gwen - might end up a clump
     There’ll be no rocking chair
     As I hang-glide through air
Thinking of age as a tiny speed bump

I love “Aging with Flare” because it goes against the stereotype of retiring and sitting around and relaxing. It’s about still having fun in life and about the life inside of us, and how life is whatever we make it to be.  Adding soup friends to the poem is a fun addition, along with humor - “ might end up a clump.” There’s risk, but the fun is worth it, because then we are truly living. The concluding line reinforces that mentality, along with the rocking chair symbolism. It makes me NOT want to be that person watching life, instead of living it. I want to be like Carolyn and make the most of my life.