My favorite Devonshire

Written by: kathryn collins

Two Heads Better than One

I walked the high wire for all to see
There wasn’t even a net ‘neath me
     It gave folks some chills
     I never had spills
Till a twister rolled in; I flew free

The big tent collapsed and caused panic
As I hung in air -- sort of static --
     The crowd had dispersed
     Good grief, how I cursed
As the twister took leave, I grew manic

More than a hundred feet I did fall
Got caught in the fortune teller’s shawl
     Our careers went on
     Though the tent is gone
A two-headed lady we are called

Carolyn Devonshire

I've been reading through your poetry all morning, Carolyn.  You must be very special to be the subject of a contest and I sure see your poetry is special.   Out of  your deep and unique musings I chose Two heads.    It gave me such a laugh and a surprise on this glum rainy morning.   I could not imagine where you would "land" as you hung in the air.  What a relief to know you had company at the finale.  Friends always break the fall, yes?  
Thank you for the good reading and I wish you peace.