C'est la vie

Written by: Tracie Edwards

=0= He came back to France Many years ago, to find his one true love To have his life with her once more the beautiful woman he'll forever adore He longs to be the one to call her, his 'Mon petit Fleur' His 'belle' The one to fulfill all of her dreams As if dropping pennies into a wishing well. To feed her croissants and pastries galour and together they'll sip tea As they laugh about life and how it was meant to be Together forever sat at their small corner table In their special patisserie. This is where I find him, all hunched over and alone His face full of lines from the life that he has known The tea for two, turned into one The buttered croissants all but gone As day by day he sits and waits He comes at dawn And waits till dusk When the day bids its Au revoir Before he makes his way back home Deep down he's given up hope of her coming But he hates to be alone. As he tells me his story I see the sadness in his eyes They fill with tears as he mentions her name His one true love that never came This is just the way he's life is meant to be In saddened tones he whispers C'est la vie.. For Cyndi's Something French contest. =0=