Master Valluvan, the long-misunderstood Tamil Mentor - Part Four

Written by: T Wignesan

                            Part Four

                                    and you might never have thought
the mighty today are like those trodden poor of your day
at least were shackled to ignorance by force 
         by godly fear
a racially discriminating Overlord

now the privileged in blindness give you lip-service
       and a lot of money
hoping by this gesture to earn your merit
              not earn YOU merit
    and the society’s accolade

You remain abused still
         by the vain undistinguishing crowd
who upon the mention of your name
          rise to feel proud
  of what then
       in their shored-up selves
               of belonging within
the self-same pigment and tongue

None of your real worth passes into them
Nor the reason for your epigrammatic lines

        Should I then beg forgiveness for this affront

(Continued in Part Five)