I See You

Written by: Christopher Steven Coan

Dearest Michaella, one last thing--what shall we say? must we carry on? I cry a tear of loving still and of days beyond has the hope now let its last and I dreaming still? so we gaze through misty eyes and pray this heart to fill there you stand: the song is breath I have come so far I can almost see you now from here to where you are a dream may pass, and yet again I cast them at the stone for you are life, the deepest breath of all that I have known here you stand beyond my sight I see through waking eyes the mist and dew of heaven's kiss the tears that morning dries every word you speak is grace every touch is gold whisper tears of brighter days speak the heart untold steal a kiss--my breath escapes I lose myself in you in your eyes, the spring awakes the summer falls as dew cry a tear for sleepless nights feel this beating heart we have come to life anew shall we greet the start and now, I see you.
sincerely yours, Christopher Steven Coan