Written by: abhishek mishra

There was someone, whom I too once loved,
A heart so pure, a flame that never swerved.
She taught a guy, ignorant of the world's ways,
Little by little, and subtly, most of its baffling sways.
Her verity and strength, instilled in me faith,
That if she was thus, truly, God must be great.
She made me believe, with all her flare,
That in God's divine plan, I too had a share.
Her eyes they were always, like a water so placid,
And in them were, the most enthralling thoughts lucid.
In the brilliance of her soul, why I could see Him plain,
And thus my friends was my heart, at her hands, slain.
When she was around, I could feel the universe rejoice,
But now there's just my hollow, echoing, yearning voice.
Those moments they linger, in the far reaches of my soul,
And where there was her smile, now it's just a gaping hole.
She was the one for me, but I guess I was not,
Oh dear divinity, really, was this my lot?
Gone she is, and there are no words,
To even distantly convey, how it hurts.
God grant me strength to witness my world crumble,
As i fall to my knees, and for the shards, fumble.
By asking for her affection, I guess I asked for too much,
So why am I still alive dear God, if things were to be such?
My share of happiness ended, before it could even start,
Guess I was wrong, for since when, did angels embrace a cursed heart?
Every morning is a curse, every night a torment,
To stare the day, blankly through, is the sole intent.
With unmeasurable grief, now I have just one wish - to die,
But rest you assured, that in your paths, will my best wishes lie. 
I never meant anything to you at all, and that's so so sad,
Yet I just hope that my heart, was one of the best, you've ever had.
My love, it's a pity, you could never comprehend,
But guess what, with this won't end.