Now you are put to rest - Part One

Written by: T Wignesan

              for Jean Franco   ?(March 15, 1907- April 15, 1992)

They opened his abdomen 
   found what they were not looking for though half-expected to see ?polyps enormous                         cancerous mush in lieu of and the rest that had given out on him

They said: if we had known we wouldn't have torn into his tripes?to see even the sample test told us as much but we did it for him he so wanted it done now we merely have to wait and see just how long it would take him to conk out without solid food to pass from his newly-grafted conduit

He was completely in their hands and hung on to their lips their every nod their plans for him and the use he had for their apprentis chirugiens sorciers

He kept his anger for his friends family telephone operators the aide-soignantes those he could intimidate with his age for he didn't know what they knew they wouldn't feel the hurt the slight for long the rankling umbrage sans riposte

He didn't mind all the inconvenience the constant waking to pass water the secluded room without tv without his wife to take it out on without the means to exude his usual referee's contempt of rules

In their hands he was the meek inept thing pleading with his eyes his entire body bent to their gaze of wonder of why he would so question going now then or even a little later
(Continued in Part Two)