What's beautiful

Written by: Rodney Riggins

" What's Beautiful "

Written By: Rodney Riggins

What's beautiful is being together 
for 15 or more yrs with the one
that you truly love. What's beautiful
is watching your seeds grow to become 
adults and to have children of their own.

What's beautiful is love between two people
who are unseperatable and forever. 
What's beautiful is their smile as they stare at
one another as they gaze into each others eyes
seeing themselves inside each others pupils.

What's beautiful is the love they make passionately
under the stars blowing softly in each others
ears the screams of passion until the final
climax. What's beautiful is that feeling each
other get after showing who loves one 
another more or the most.

What's beautiful is being able to wake up with 
the one you love in the morning. What's 
beautiful is being able to thank the lord
for waking you up to breathe, live, and too
see life as a beautiful thing.

Life is beautiful