Me Arthritic Finger

Written by: Karen Deeks

I detest writing on this poxy little phone 
Hunched over a 2by3inch screen 
Punching away at the imaginary 
Glass keyboard 
Boss eyed 
Cross as hell... every time I lose connection 
Hence half hour 
Wasted ... oh well 
Crucifying my wretched eyesight 
And arthritic finger aching 
That I should go out and play 
Unaware that this old bag is way to old 
To enjoy herself 
And throw caution 
Right out of her cracked conservatory window 
And slam dunked mind 

Oh isn't life grand 
Winding up ole misery guts 
And driving her round the bend 
Up the Swanee 
Heading over the cartoon hills to 
Bedlam by the sea 
Tapping away on her poxy little 
The scream