A New Tomorrow

Written by: Terry L. Allen

When all seems lost, 
your spirits are low
and all but gone.

When your just so low,
nothing seems right
and your mind wants
to give up the fight.

When even your shadow
seems to have taken flight
due to a lack of heartfelt soul

All can be found safe and sound
if only you will turn 
that frown upside down.

As I have said before
and I'll say it again.
The shortest distance between
two people is a smile my friend.

This tool has been in your arsenal
all the while.
As babies we all learn how to  smile.

Now take this tool for a walk
outside your front door
and don't be a woulda, coulda,
shoulda any more.

Hello shows you the path to take
and the journey begins with
the first step you make.

New friends, a brighter day
and all you have been longing for
wait for you outside your door.

There is much to be gained
and a better life in store.
If you can open your door
long enough to reach 
and open your front door.