My Favourite Devonshire

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

Carolyn Devonshire      
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                     An Artist's Loving Plan
.                   Smiling down on His creation,
                    evergreen sentries gave Him peace.
                    Turquoise lake held the reflection
                    of Rocky Mountains with snow’s fleece.
                    Nature’s beauty is leased to man
                    by an Artist with a loving plan

This contemplative reflection of the 
Artist enjoying His Own creation
with Almighty Love in Mind as 
the Plan, rocked my spirit
gently with the knowlege
that we are all siblings;
own nothing except our 
free will and owe all
 to the Artist of Love.
One of my Favs from you Carolyn.- love Bob

For Gwendolen's contest 5/30/12