Us Little Urchins

Written by: Karen Deeks

Us Little Urchins A square of hair trussed neatly back 
Tightly as uniformed Venetian Ponies 
We girls trotted home in a gorgeous bright Orange sky 
We laughed and leap frogged 
Over the line of three bent 

Being fourth and leaping to the fore 
Giggling and wobbling all over the shop (floor) 
Barefoot in the park 
Out prior to the lark 
Ill-fitting hand me downs 
We were each others painted clown 
We seeped within the curled clipped wire fence 
Took no care, twas no offence to tear our aged cloth 
Nor scratch our olive knees past the stinging nettles which forever had us tip toeing carefully 
But still clung to us 
As we clung on to each other 
Our washed brown hair forever shiny from 
The sweat which dripped as we took a sip 
From the rusty water fountain 
We had mountains and trees to climb 
Barefoot but all was fine 
As one always cupped her hands upon her knees 
As. One giggled climbing trees 
Laughing and sweating for the forbidden fruit 
Scrumping fruit from posh peoples gardens 
Leaping the wall 
As burnt Orange urchins headed home with their fruit 
greengages and apples 
stored in a tied up shirt 
laughing at a world full of us four urchin fools