Written by: Ayomikun Crown

Who knows the man that has a vision

A vision which is strongly driven by passion

A man who thinks of possible and lasting solution

To the vast problem of the present generation

Oh! who will this man be?

He must be a man in a mighty position

This is the thought of every generation


A man who is not dependent on stature

Neither is he a man not subjected to nature

A real man with ideas he can grow to become mature

Such ideas which he will have to nuture

When this is done, he becomes a different creature


Oh! who will this man be?



A man who is not only dependent on gender

But is someone with favorable agenda

Which will affect his generation for the better

And whose tenderness can also performs wonders

Oh! who will this man be?



A real man who is studious

He must also be serious

Which could make him curious

But he also must not be dubious

To make it show that the struggle to stardom is delicious

Oh! who will this man be?



Everyone wants to truly be such a man

The problem is, not everyone wants to stand on the sand

To dance to the task drum when beaten

Will this generation pass by after exhausting it's span

Without leaving a legacy for others to start from

We must all rise up and come together  as though bond

So that alas, we can have, and be more than THE MAN.