Rocking By Decree

Written by: Daniel Larson

Have faced the final curtain,
     the passing through of change,
A crossing of the mountain
     on pathways, oh, so strange,
No more visions are moving
     over the clouded stage,
Words no longer do remain
     upon the crumbled page.

This chair becomes the pleasure,
     the throne of last resort,
Where futures wait silently
     for tomorrow’s report.
Sometimes the weight seems lifted,
     sometimes it’s not to be,
Through all the chained up mem’ries
     souls cry out to be free.

The fountain has stopped running,
     the rose been starved of drink,
Sands of time roll down the hill
     taking one to the brink.
Then thunder meets the sunrise
     and neither knows what’s meant
By the sounds of aftermath
     that echo through lament.

Suddenly the yesterdays
     have melded with the blind,
The times of life once gone by
     disappear far behind.
The rocking chair’s still moving,
     the eyes still come to see
All that has e’er gone before
     has somehow set one free.