The Partitioned Wailing Wall - Part Two

Written by: T Wignesan

              Part Two

                     one by one numbered they falter
   stricken              parted
mother from unborn still-born
ravaged lover from brother
    now huddled they go
up the altar
              now a grey veil
to bind the blush of brides
   wan and bent
voyaging through no-man’s water
to weak to feel even pain

O for a job, a job
   to keep me going
       to fatten my woman
to draw a pension

And while we are waiting
               Give me leave, my Captain
Give me leave
       to go upon the shore
for the sails do droop and flop
            in the shrouded past and I
may no longer see the breast
              of my tarnished home-born door

Kritik der Urteilskraft

Are we all agreed on this point
Then clear the court for the Queen Mother
Yesterday's sister science

Throw out the precedents, no, not that one
Dust those three long buried in Königsberg

And remember, always remember

Here are no laws, make your own
If the wind will not favour you
Then tear down the sails
If physics will hamper you
Then paddle your way through

    Here are no laws, only, you
You must go on and on

That's all that's left for you
Give no quarter
Discount not your enemies
Always on and on

Here are no laws

© T. Wignesan, 1957 (from the collection: tell them i'm gone, 1983)