Bad Bunnies Confession Time mature

Written by: Karen Deeks

Within the silence that's witching hour
And the sweet smile of....dawns crack
Two very giggly bunnies
Lacking inhibitions
Stole within the moon
And stars....To roll within a sack

Birthday suits
Within cahoots
Not a carrot to hide said pride
Beneath one itchy blanket
Creeping side by side

Both had fluffy heads
And very fuzzy tails
They giggled down the garden end
Avoiding, shovels, spades and snails

It was fun, they felt rebellious they hushed each other so
Fearful of the stealth night fox
(Spirits high)
Yet kept their hushes low

They then did as most bunnies do
As almost a profession
Silent smiling adoringly
A fantastic little session
After whiles and giggles they


Bad bunnyette kissed his cheek
He pecked her on the nose

Back down the rabbit hole, two cheeky little grins
Joyous of their secret
Of where on earth.... they'de been! !