Steering Precision

Written by: Karen Deeks

For years I've hugged a dream
Not a very lady-like one
But then again
Who said, I am a lady?
Not me!

I want a pile of rustic junk
A few bicycles
A perambulator
A pile of wood
Nails plus aged string
So that I may finally set about
My favourite thing!

There is no need for long drawn 
out plans
Blueprint, mentally stored
Dare I say?
Yes! I'm good with my hands

The item of my affection
My ultimate dream
Building a go-cart for deep 

Of joy, exhilaration
Still on the back burner
But anticipation
With dogged OCD
Knowing myself and the core of 

One day when I'm even older 
than I already am
I'll relish the disassembling
Of one ancient pram
To create my most desired of 
A go-cart with side brakes
And steering precision