Connecting The Dots


Connecting The Dots

Being at the young age of only five
Little did I know how time would fly

Back then I wanted to be a nun
Everything was possible under the sun

Always kept a smile along the way
Only by the protection of God I am here today

Gathered many friends along the way
Is their love as deep as mine, I hope so I pray

Can we teach each other on how to treat others
Respect the elders, the children, the fathers and the mothers

Today is still here, its not too late
Open your heart and learn to appreciate

What is your purpose, are you on track
Move forward, seldom look back

Hope you enjoyed my poem alot
If you did, we've connected dots

This is the closes I will get to being a nun
Still believing everything is possible under the sun

Written by:  Debra Falgout
May 29, 2012