Written by: Michael Howard

Violins serenade as tourist's watch
Parades of landscapes and grandfather clocks
Pianos join and share in the melody
Stained picture glasses, a view that's heavenly
A scenery that's vast in a foregin land
Cathedrial's tower, ballerinas they dance
The woman of my dreams, a stencil Drew
Strawberry blonde, hint of brunette, it's cute
Bronze color tan, astonishing beauty
Language barriers stand in the way of unity
Time of the essence I move in fast
My last chance to impression, a key that lasts
A nod of the head as greetings invite
Candlelight dinner tea cups tonight
The skylight's bright with light's in this city
A boat ride we share, a kiss of Serenity
Tonight is a night that stays on my mind
So young, and precious, a wonderful find
Are souls we gave, a breath to infinity
Made love the first time
It happend in Italy