secret crush

Written by: diane christian

I have a  crush on you
but i'm not sure what to say
I have liked you for sometime
and my feelings are still the same today,
I think in time things will come
and God's will be done,
I know i told you once before
but you I just simply adore
you are my friend
and you joined my small group too
it's great hanging out and even hugging you
there is no point repeating things that I have previously said
but you are always in my heart
and thoughts of you are  in my head,
we will grow in the Lord together and know that he is always near
you are my friend
and to me you will always be dear,
God has a purpose and a plan for you
i'll just wait on the Lord to see if that includes me too,
even if I can remain  only  a good friend
i will cherish  and treasure  you right untill the  end. Amen 

well God has  surpirises for every one in life, I have liked someone in church for around 18 months now, they stoped talking to me for a little while when they first found out, I later got  the words that my friend would come round, LOL  next thing i know he was at my small group,  and is staying in it and sits with me with  my group at church and even hugs  me now  asa  sister in our Lord Jesus he has eeeven told mea song that he thinks  suits me, and it is caled  eevrything that has breath praise the Lord.  and that is one of my fave songs  2, ,  God makes all things new and realy does turn things around according to his plan.  not our will but yours be done Amen.