Written by: Seren Roberts

Why am here each night
Hoping that he will show.
What is the attraction?
This, I would like to know.

But he is no longer with me
Am left with cold empty arms.
Why did he betray me
Taking away my warmth.

I have a pain deep inside me
Where joy, and love used to live
My tears flow like a river
My heart leaks like a sieve.

What was it I couldn’t give him
What is it he’s looking for
I gave him all my love, my heart my
Body, he wanted so much more.

My mind is full of confusion
Am I lacking in some way
Will I find someone else to love me
Will there ever be that day.

Now I look into the mirror
Is that my soul, reflected , in my eyes
The bare soul of betrayal
Showing the hurt when he said