we don't speak

Written by: Neo Bridgette Kitso

she said
she is from the other side
of town
i told her we don't know any strangers here
just weirdly quiet but calming souls
that sit in silence their laced together
like threads of a cloth
or holding hands
held tight and close
like a burning candle they dance
to the rhythm of drums from far...
can we talk for a minute
on second thought
can we just hold hands instead
 and ignore the fact that
you are furious at my carelessness
if that isn't good enough
i will buy you a coloring book
so you can shade your rage
my hand is no longer steady enough
to hold a brush
each time I try it feels wrong
I see faded pictures
of those i have supposedly wronged
glaring in a distance
two wrongs will never cut you a deal into heaven
i told him
silently in my prayers
but its his way or never
so we don't speak
we are strangers
sitting in silence with our souls
braided down our backs