Written by: Neo Bridgette Kitso

She says I ran off
In a white iron bird
When the voices
Started to crowd my head
I tell her it was
A little me trying to redeem
Me from the pages
Of my book
That I went trying to find
That girl who breathes
Colour into my paper
The one that isn’t afraid
To jump and shout
Loud unto nations
I told her many times
That I wanted to see
The beginning of a rainbow
I wasn’t going to wait for it to fade
This time, while I stand
Watching what could have been
But the way I got stubborn
I should have known…
I should have known it will all be
Sleepless nights and love given
That never got returned in kind
I should have known it meant that
I get to ride the bus alone
And I get to swim with the sharks
To shore
Where I thought the bird would take me
Was to sanctity and joy
But then again
Maybe, just maybe
If I had never left
I would have never known