Written by: Daneillia Daly

Cold winter days 
White school socks with polish marks on
Walking through the bush as my ears bite
Just the two of us
She was so tiny with the little dress
Arriving at school before the rest
Cleaning our shoes
Changing our socks
as the clouds are clearing
stick sweets, fruit juice and a pie
the cheese girls we were called
nothing is what it seems
saving money to buy lunch after school
going home to cook and clean
the princesses as they would say
new shoes, new jeans, new hoody, they know nothing
mommy worked alone
bought everything
paid the bond all alone
daddy fixed computers here and there
people who were family never really cared
as supper was served with laughter, joys and prayers every
a hug we both got before we closed our eyes
I passed my senior year and everything was going alright
Work …work..& studies all night
Everything came on Gods time
Not one moment do I regret the steps that led to my success.