Written by: Cheryl Aldea

A poignant dream, deep in my sleep I am walking on a pathway of light that glistens in my eye. Perhaps they are not stars, And shines down upon my feet. On a white soft like cotton where I past a garden of flowers is I see, like a paradise that we are dream. Violins playing, and melodious music I heard, that softly spoken to my heart. I heard giggles, children laughing And they were running towards me. They held my hands, their faces are so inviting their tender smile that stirs in my heart. I ask them, where were we going? They look at me and smile, I looked at the distance and saw A familiar faces that I haven’t see For so many years, my beloved parents waits for me with their open arms. My tears has begun to fall Once again I was in their presence Welcome they said. Come in and rest in our shoulders. Sunlight kisses awakens me That I thought I was at the heavens door To see my beloved ones. One sunset I will see them again, Until then. Gail Doyle - Heaven's Doorway Contest