All Within Dreams

Written by: Erich Goller

All Within Dreams (Poetic End Cap) Mixed with happiness and love Ever so joyful through the years Send with His blessings from above Each day more worthwhile without tears Should unexpected shadows glow With colors splashed upon the scene Each wonder of nature shall show Within a dream, it’s brighter green Now dark faded into dawning Glorious summer greeting day Yet the flowers are still yawning Gracefully the clouds are at play Yearning for flying way up there Endless around the golden moon Naked and without any care Evening heavenly special tune Erich J. Goller Copyright 5.27.2012
Poetic End Cap - Created by Rhoda Galgiani May 27, 2012 Four stanzas 16 lines total - 8 syllables each line The end letter will become the Cap letter at the beginning of the next line - Rhyming poetry form Rhyming sequence: a, c, b, d - e, g, f, h - I, k, j, l - m, o, n, p