never ending

Written by: DINA SCALIA

If i ever need to go before my time
Before we know
Before im old
I will never leave your side
I will always be standing there
My spirit always swaying in the breeze
In the color of a butterfly's fluttering wings
The beautiful song as a bird sings
Think of me as they soar through the sky
Know there is life even after we die
I will be there in all things that make you glow
Making your heart fill with love
Just as 
I will be there in your times of sadness wrapping you with invisible arms
And i will be there in your dreams guiding your decisions helping you stay clear of harm
I will be in all things in your sight
I will be there with you in the mornings first light
Hold tight my dears
Never doubt i will be there day & night
Never let me go
For i will always be there..............
More than you know