Written by: A Rambling Righting Riley - Shauna Riley

Are you happy?
Look at what you’ve done
Gone and made a motley out of me
Like putting on a show
Giving all you wanted and needed
Just an entertainment to you
Tell me are you happy now?

You laugh at the bells
Tinkering on my head
You chuckle as the tears
Streak down through
My checkered makeup

Who do you think you are?
Sitting there laughing
As my heart is breaking
Can’t even say you’re sorry
For what you’ve done
Who do you think you are now?

You build me up
Just to tear me down
I can start to feel the cold
See the great shadow
Of the wall that is going up
You supplied the brick 
I’ll supply the mortar
Together we will make it unbreakable

But I’m done playing the fool
I know how I got here
But I refuse to stay
I exit stage right
Run as fast as I can 
To the other side
To the other side

I throw off my hat
And hear the bells sound 
When it hits the floor
Wipe away the makeup
I’ll never wear again
Gonna write a new start
No more acting
No more plays
As I bid you good-bye
As I bid you good-bye