Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

Often not uplifted
Frequently tormented
Never accepted by the crowd
Numerous talents that people see
Go unnoticed by haters who want to be me.
No one cares about the pain.
Often alone.
Because others want to be placed on a throne.
Royally beaten into humility
Because being the way I am is a true duty
People mad at me because of what God has given me
Loads and loads of creativity.
God made me this way.
He uplifted me.
He perfected my character as you tormented me.
He talked to me when you were in the crowd.
More talents came forth when you stopped to see me.
I know that you notice me when you hate me.
God loves me he made me fearfully and wonderfully.
After he finishes using me for His glory my hands are lifted,
Because I thank God quite often that I’m truly gifted.
©Copyright 2012- All rights reserved.