im not finished yet

Written by: Robert Walker

my eyes has yet to see the glory
for this is'nt all that life can be 
this can't be the main chapter of my story 
life must have more in store for me

just when i thnk i'm done 
and have pretty much sealed my fate 
seems life has just begun 
and some how  i've gotten  alot more on my plate

 made it quite up in my years 
still for some reason i can't let go 
God has a purpose for keeping me here
 is there somthing else i should know

havent i taken all life punches 
i've already thrown in the towel
seem every ball life pitched at me 
i wined up hitting a foul

and yea  the mountians were too high to climb 
but i never gave up hope 
cause it seem at the hardest times i always find
myself standing on top of the slopes

so i geuss i must journey on 
regaurdless of how hard the road may get
and even though it may seems i'v traveled so long 
i know i'm not finished yet