Jimmy and I - still working on CHORUS - Blues

Written by: Tanya Bunge

I once robbed a bank so I could get high,
Yeah I stole all their money, I wanted to fly.
Now I'm sitting in jail, wondering why...

But I made a new best friend, Jimmy's just like me
and we're gonna bust outta this prison so we can be free -
and the first thing we're gonna try, yeah we gonna get high.

CHORUS (in progress)

Well we broke out and we partied, now the stuff's all gone,
but we got a great new plan we're working on while singing this song...
Yeah we're gonna rob a bank and get high
Jimmy and I.

Sitting In jail, back again,
How could we fail, Jimmy my friend?
Well, we left in such a hurry we forgot to take the money
had to go back again

CHORUS (in progress)

Now the moral of the story is that you shouldn't get high
'cause if you don't get started you won't be tempted to try
something so stupid that'll land you in the slammer like Jimmy and I.

No, you don't wanna be in the slammer like Jimmy and I.